Business Sustainability Conference 2023 -Management Information System for Sustainability
3 Nov 2023
Workshop on ESG Investing and Management:
Applications, Corporate Strategy and Regulatory Environment
Strategic Sustainability Benchmark Scheme
A Data-backed Approach to CSR Assessment

Executive Education in
Sustainability Management:
Rethink Business Strategy
Community Engagement as A Business Sustainability Strategy
At the CBS, we offer our research and knowledge to organizations that are committed to having a positive impact on society through responsible business practices, no matter whether they are multi-national corporations or SMEs.
Executive Series
Learn the latest CSR development from global academics and veterians
Benchmark your sustainability performance, identify sustainability risk and opportunity
Network with Peers
Join a network and get inspired in developing creative solutions to social and environmental issues
19 September 2023 event
Business Sustainability Indices Recognition Ceremony 2023
19 September 2023 event
Business Sustainability Conference 2023-MIS for Sustainability
15 December 2022 press
How Hong Kong Companies Embrace ESG
23 September 2022 news
Business Sustainability Indices Result Announcement
24 January 2022 press
Community Engagement as A Business Sustainability Strategy
15 December 2021 press
Securing Financial Hub Status
01 November 2021 press
From CSR to Business Sustainability- Video Resource EP4
24 June 2021 news
CBS Announces Five Business Sustainability Indices to Promote Responsible Business Practices in Hong Kong and Greater China
21 August 2020 news
CUHK Business School Announces the 5th HKBSI and Launches the Greater Bay Area BSI
19 August 2020 news
The Centre for Business Sustainability (CBS) is a collaboration between the Department of Management and the Department of Government and Public Administration at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Our mission is to promote business sustainability as a viable and profitable business model through conducting innovative research on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability management practices in the region. We also aim to transfer the acquired knowledge of CSR applications to both academic and business communities
Management researchers and leadership
Provide research and practical techniques to the private and public sectors
Facilitate the development of creative solutions to social and environmental issues.
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